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General Information

A bond may be ordered in a case to ensure the appearance of a defendant in court. A bond is set one of three ways; either by a preset amount stated on the warrant, or based on a preset bond schedule set by the judge for the offense charged, or by the Judge at arraignment. If the person is charged with an offense that has a preset bond, the defendant or someone on his/her behalf may post the bail at the court and if the court is closed, bonds can be posted at Bucyrus Police Department, City of Galion Police Department and Village of Crestline Police Department. Conditions to a bond may be ordered by a Judge. (limiting contact with a victim, for example).

In some instances, bonds are not set until the defendant has his/her initial appearance before the Judge.

Types of Bonds

Surety or Corporate
This bond requires it to be secured by real estate, securities, or a cash deposit for the full amount of the bond at the option of the defendant. The posting of a surety power from an insurance company that guarantees the full amount of the bond is permitted. The bondsman will pay in the event the defendant does not appear for a scheduled court hearing and can not be found as ordered by the Court.
The full amount of the bond is paid. After the completion of the case, the full amount of a cash bond will be returned to the depositor.
Secured Appearance 10%
This type of bond only requires 10% of the full amount of the bond to be posted. For example, if a $20,000 bond is set, you will need to post $2,000 with the Clerk's office or the Law Enforcement Agency for the defendant to be released. If the person charged with the offense attends all court appearances, 90% of the money posted may be returned. Fines and costs may be paid out of his money before it is returned.
O.R. - Own Recognizance
Sometimes referred to as a P.R. Bond. This one only requires the person who is charged with the offense to sign bond papers that are completed by the Clerk's office. It releases the accused in exchange in his/her promise to appear at court at the designated time. No other collateral need be posted. Failure to appear will result in a bench warrant being issued.
Representatives of bonding companies are not agents of court nor are they employed by the court. Bonding companies can be found by looking in the yellow pages of the telephone book.
All of the above bonds are subject to additional orders and conditions of the Court, and upon a hearing, bonds may be revoked or amended by the court.
Money deposited as bond may be applied to fines and costs due and owing by the defendant or the depositor. A $25.00 surcharge is nonrefundable.

How to Get Your Bond Back

If you posted a cash or 10% bond for yourself or someone else, and the case is finished, the bond may be released from the Clerk’s office. You will need to bring a picture ID and original bond receipt. If you have any questions about bonds, please contact the Bucyrus office at 419-562-2731 Ext. 3 or the Galion office at (419) 562-2731 Ext. 8.